Life Getz Better

Hello! I'm Mindi Getz, life story editor.

In high school and college, I hated placement tests and skill surveys. I felt like an oddball for always wanting to mark, D. Other. Nothing seemed to fit. Especially not those high-waisted, peg-rolled, lightning-washed jeans every cool kid was wearing.
I’m an out-there kind of girl. Woman, I suppose. I can say now, that I am where Earthly meets Etheric. I am the embodiment of starlight in skin. I’m a walking body of water. I beam love from above through myself to hold space and time for others to realign with their healing, their wholeness.
I see you where you are and where you want to go. I guide and edit the path from here to there. Scroll and click to see how we can shift your story together.
Contact me with your hopes and your visions.

Earthly Services

Wisdom Within

Weekly Sessions to walk the path toward your inner wisdom, health, and vibrance. Includes initial consultation with bioresonance scans, fascia work, emotional release, & more.
12 weeks $777 paid in full or monthly payments options

Hourly Coaching

Using a collection of modalities & tools, we'll connect by phone or in person to guide you toward greater health.
Initial session 90 min - $125
follow-ups - $75/hour

Etheric Services

Tao Soul Blessings

Tao blessings work beyond your energy and your physical body, helping shift the information at the source - your soul.
$44 - 30 minutes - in-person or virtual

A.S. North Carolina

Earthly & Etheric

Biofeedback Scans

Click a heart for more information.

21 Day Inner Voice Challenge

28 Day Shift Joint Pain Challenge

Individual Scans - Inner Voice, Vitals, Nutritional Supplements, Body Systems

Bioresonance Testimonial

I'd love to hear from you.

Phone/Text: 785.657.7031


Mindi Getz (Life Getz Better) is not an MD. She does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe. Your body is the healer.